Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Portuguese errors that handed Russia the advantage


Although the 34-18 scoreline indicates otherwise, Portugal were in a very even contest with Russia but lost it through some errors in their own 22 that put themselves under pressure.

The Iberian sides have basically offered Russia the 3rd ENC place on a plate this year. First Spain gifted them charge down and intercept tries in a narrow win, now Portugal have followed in their footsteps in making some really basic errors errors to hand the Russians the advantage.

Two of the tries came from the maul and peel tactic, another from a missed tackle in midfield, but there were two particularly poor errors that would leave the coach pulling his hair out as Russia capitalised to score.
Por Restart
Immediately after Portugal had just worked hard to
gain 3 points, there is a complete miscommunication
at the restart and Russia get a great attacking position
and soon score in the corner.
Uva error
After a kick ahead, the most experienced player on the
pitch Vasco Uva chucks the ball and Russia get front
foot ball against a disorganised defence going back-
wards and score in the next phase.

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