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Players from 'Tier 2' nations playing in Europe (2016/2017)

A country by country breakdown of the 350+ players from nations outside Tier 1 currently playing for clubs in one of the 5 fully professional leagues in Europe (Premiership, Championship, Top 14, Pro D2 and Pro12).

Note: This list needs to be considered with the following in mind. This is just a list of players who were either (a) born in the country or (b) represented the country at any level and (c) made their senior first team debut at club level for any club. Players who have represented another nation, like Tim Visser (Dutchman who plays for Scotland), are not included.

Africa (19)
Algeria (2)
Malik Hamadache Tighthead Prop 17/10/88 Pau Top 14
Said Hireche Flanker 27/05/85 Brive Top 14

 Cameroon (4)
Arsene Nnomo Loosehead Prop 06/08/80 Agen Pro D2
Gambo Adamou Lock 05/02/86 Bourgoin Pro D2
Christian Njewel Lock 22/03/90 Lyon Top 14
Robins Tchale-Watchou Lock 10/05/83 Montpellier Top 14

Ivory Coast (3)
Evrard Oulai Lock 22/06/93 Bayonne Top 14
Bakary Meite Number 8 30/09/83 Béziers Pro D2
Silvere Tian Wing 19/07/80 Oyonnax Pro D2

Kenya (1)
Joshua Chisanga Number 8 02/11/92 Newcastle Premiership

Morocco (3)
Mehdi Boundjema Hooker 07/06/90 Pau Top 14
Mohamed Kribache Hooker 08/06/88 Bourgoin Pro D2
Abdelatif Boutaty Lock 04/06/83 Pau Top 14

Namibia (4)
Anton Bresler Lock 16/02/88 Edinburgh Pro12
Tjiuee Uanivi Lock 31/12/90 Glasgow Pro12
PJ van Lill Number 8 04/12/83 Bayonne Top 14
Conrad Marais Wing 26/04/89 Albi Pro D2

Tunisia (1)
Sabri Gmir Wing 14/02/86 Béziers Pro D2

Zimbabwe (1)
Marco Mama Flanker 27/03/91 Worcester Premiership

Asia (1)
Japan (1)
Ayumu Goromaru Full Back 01/03/86 Toulon Top 14

Europe (109)
Belgium (4)
Maxime Jadot Tighthead Prop 06/01/91 Vannes Pro D2
Guillaume Piron Centre 09/04/92 Colomiers Pro D2
Jens Torfs Centre 25/05/92 Perpignan Pro D2
Charles Reynaert Wing 28/11/95 Racing 92 Top 14

Czech Republic (3)
Lukas Rapant Loosehead Prop 16/11/82 Oyonnax Pro D2
Pavel Stasny Tighthead Prop 06/02/80 Angoulême Pro D2
Martin Wognitsch Lock 22/11/88 Angoulême Pro D2

Georgia (48)
Kakha Asieshvili Loosehead Prop 21/03/87 Brive Top 14
Archil Bezhiashvili Loosehead Prop 07/03/92 Vannes Pro D2
Vasil Kakovin Loosehead Prop 01/12/89 Toulouse Top 14
Davit Khinchagashvili Loosehead Prop 24/07/82 Bayonne Top 14
Tornike Mataradze Loosehead Prop 18/10/96 Lyon Top 14
Misha Nariashvili Loosehead Prop 25/05/90 Montpellier Top 14
Val Rapava Ruskin Loosehead Prop 12/10/92 Worcester Premiership
Giorgi Tetrashvili Loosehead Prop 31/08/93 Agen Pro D2
Zurab Zhvania Loosehead Prop 23/09/91 Stade Français Top 14
Badri Alkhazashvili Hooker 31/07/95 Toulon Top 14
Jaba Bregvadze Hooker 24/04/87 Worcester Premiership
Shalva Mamukashvili Hooker 02/10/90 Montpellier Top 14
Vakhtangi Akhobadze Tighthead Prop 07/05/93 Agen Pro D2
Gagi Bazadze Tighthead Prop 12/09/92 Montpellier Top 14
Soso Bekoshvili Tighthead Prop 03/11/93 Brive Top 14
Levan Chilachava Tighthead Prop 17/08/91 Toulon Top 14
Lekso Kaulashvili Tighthead Prop 27/08/92 La Rochelle Top 14
Nikoloz Khatiashvili Tighthead Prop 22/05/92 Aurillac Pro D2
Davit Kubriashvili Tighthead Prop 03/12/86 Montpellier Top 14
Elizbar Kuparadze Tighthead Prop 04/02/84 Dax Pro D2
Giorgi Margveliani Tighthead Prop 24/04/94 Agen Pro D2
Giorgi Melikidze Tighthead Prop 24/05/96 Stade Français Top 14
Irakli Mirtskhulava Tighthead Prop 22/12/88 Oyonnax Pro D2
Giorgi Natsarashvili Tighthead Prop 01/04/85 Carcassonne Pro D2
Zaza Navrozashvili Tighthead Prop 27/07/92 Lyon Top 14
Shako Odisharia Tighthead Prop 15/01/95 Narbonne Pro D2
Anton Peikrishvili Tighthead Prop 18/09/87 Cardiff Blues Pro12
Tato Ratianidze Tighthead Prop 05/01/80 Narbonne Pro D2
Giorgi Sharashidze Tighthead Prop 07/07/93 Aurillac Pro D2
Beka Sheklashvili Tighthead Prop 06/07/86 Albi Pro D2
Giorgi Vephkadze Tighthead Prop 05/07/91 Oyonnax Pro D2
Davit Zirakashvili Tighthead Prop 10/10/83 Clermont Top 14
Levan Datunashvili Lock 18/01/83 Aurillac Pro D2
Vakhtang Maisuradze Lock 11/03/87 Vannes Pro D2
Kote Mikautadze Lock 01/07/91 Montpellier Top 14
Giorgi Nemsadze Lock 26/09/84 Bristol Premiership
Otar Giorgadze Flanker 02/03/96 Clermont Top 14
Mamuka Gorgodze Flanker 14/07/84 Toulon Top 14
Giorgi Javakhia Flanker 24/09/96 Lyon Top 14
Vito Kolelishvili Flanker 09/10/89 Clermont Top 14
Shalva Sutiashvili Flanker 24/01/84 Angoulême Pro D2
Lasha Tavberidze Flanker 19/02/91 Angoulême Pro D2
Giorgi Tsutskiridze Flanker 26/11/96 Brive Top 14
Beka Gorgadze Number 8 08/02/96 Mont-de-Marsan Pro D2
Lasha Lomidze Number 8 30/06/92 Béziers Pro D2
Vasil Lobzhanidze Scrum Half 14/10/96 Brive Top 14
Merab Sharikadze Centre 17/05/93 Aurillac Pro D2
Tamaz Mchedlidze Wing 17/03/93 Agen Pro D2

 Germany (4)
Rob Elloway Hooker 09/11/83 Cornish Pirates Championship
Samy Fuchsel Tighthead Prop 28/07/92 Albi Pro D2
Damien Tussac Tighthead Prop 02/01/88 Castres Top 14
Chris Hilsenbeck Fly Half 10/01/92 Colomiers Pro D2

Moldova (2)
Dmitri Arhip Tighthead Prop 12/11/88 Ospreys Pro12
Vadim Cobilas Tighthead Prop 30/07/83 Bordeaux-Bègles Top 14

Netherlands (1)
Zeno Kieft Flanker 02/11/91 La Rochelle Top 14

Poland (1)
Thomas Pretkowski Tighthead Prop 18/10/88 Albi Pro D2

Portugal (11)
Francisco Fernandes Loosehead Prop 06/09/85 Béziers Pro D2
Geoffrey Moise Loosehead Prop 20/08/91 Pau Top 14
Mike Tadjer Hooker 10/03/89 Agen Pro D2
Anthony Alves Tighthead Prop 23/06/89 Aurillac Pro D2
Cristian Spachuk Tighthead Prop 14/02/81 Bourgoin Pro D2
David Penalva Lock 26/01/80 Narbonne Pro D2
Julien Bardy Flanker 03/04/86 Clermont Top 14
Aurelien Beco Flanker 12/03/86 Colomiers Pro D2
Samuel Marques Scrum Half 08/12/88 Toulouse Top 14
Pedro Bettencourt Centre 18/11/94 Carcassonne Pro D2
Jose Lima Centre 24/04/92 Oyonnax Pro D2

Romania (9)
Ionel Badiu Loosehead Prop 29/07/89 Carcassonne Pro D2
Mihai Lazar Loosehead Prop 03/11/86 Castres Top 14
Andrei Ursache Loosehead Prop 10/05/84 Carcassonne Pro D2
Otar Turashvili Hooker 14/07/86 Colomiers Pro D2
Alex Tarus Tighthead Prop 09/05/89 Béziers Pro D2
Alin Coste Lock 22/02/87 Carcassonne Pro D2
Vlad Nistor Flanker 28/03/94 Albi Pro D2
Valentin Ursache Flanker 12/08/85 Oyonnax Pro D2
Mihai Macovei Number 8 29/10/86 Colomiers Pro D2

Russia (2)
Andrei Ostrikov Lock 02/07/87 Sale Premiership
Serge Sergueev Lock 26/12/87 Montauban Pro D2

Spain (23)
Jean-Baptiste Custoja Loosehead Prop 25/05/93 Perpignan Pro D2
Joe Hutchinson Loosehead Prop 28/12/85 Rotherham Championship
Benat Auzqui Hooker 01/08/83 Bordeaux-Bègles Top 14
Marco Ferrer Hooker 11/11/87 Béziers Pro D2
Xerom Civil Tighthead Prop 02/04/94 Bordeaux-Bègles Top 14
Jonathan Garcia Tighthead Prop 05/12/84 Vannes Pro D2
Jon Zabala Tighthead Prop 26/11/96 Bayonne Top 14
David Barrera Flanker 05/07/89 Vannes Pro D2
Vincent Farre Flanker 06/06/90 Albi Pro D2
Gautier Gibouin Flanker 24/03/89 Montauban Pro D2
Asier Usarraga Flanker 31/12/94 Biarritz Pro D2
Pierre Barthere Number 8 03/06/89 Montauban Pro D2
Adrien Ayestaran Scrum Half 07/09/87 Angoulême Pro D2
Guillaume Rouet Scrum Half 13/08/88 Bayonne Top 14
Sebastien Rouet Scrum Half 19/02/85 Narbonne Pro D2
Mathieu Belie Fly Half 20/02/88 Perpignan Pro D2
Christopher Ruiz Fly Half 29/05/84 Oyonnax Pro D2
Fabien Grammatico Centre 16/05/85 Carcassonne Pro D2
Fabien Perrin Centre 16/06/88 Bourgoin Pro D2
Sebastien Ascarat Wing 30/05/88 Montauban Pro D2
Brice Labadie Wing 18/12/89 Angoulême Pro D2
Charly Malie Full Back 05/11/91 Pau Top 14
Mathieu Peluchon Full Back 23/06/87 Albi Pro D2

North America (36)
Canada (19)
Djustice Sears-Duru Loosehead Prop 24/05/94 Glasgow Pro12
Richard Townsend Hooker 29/12/89 Richmond Championship
Matt Tierney Tighthead Prop 04/07/96 Pau Top 14
Brett Beukeboom Lock 13/08/90 Cornish Pirates Championship
Jamie Cudmore Lock 06/09/78 Oyonnax Pro D2
Tyler Hotson Lock 30/05/85 Richmond Championship
Cam Pierce Lock 26/10/91 Pau Top 14
Evan Olmstead Flanker 21/02/91 Newcastle Premiership
Jebb Sinclair Flanker 04/08/86 London Irish Championship
Tyler Ardron Number 8 16/06/91 Ospreys Pro12
Aaron Carpenter Number 8 09/01/83 London Welsh Championship
Connor Braid Fly Half 31/05/90 Worcester Premiership
Shane O'Leary Fly Half 12/03/93 Connacht Pro12
Ciaran Hearn Centre 30/12/85 London Irish Championship
Conor Trainor Centre 05/12/89 Vannes Pro D2
Matt Evans Wing 02/01/88 Cornish Pirates Championship
Jeff Hassler Wing 21/08/91 Ospreys Pro12
Taylor Paris Wing 06/10/92 Agen Pro D2
DTH van der Merwe Wing 28/04/86 Scarlets Pro12

USA (17)
Eric Fry Loosehead Prop 14/09/87 Vannes Pro D2
Titi Lamositele Loosehead Prop 11/02/95 Saracens Premiership
Joe Taufete'e Hooker 04/10/92 Worcester Premiership
Dave Ryan Tighthead Prop 21/04/86 Agen Pro D2
Nick Civetta Lock 05/11/89 Newcastle Premiership
Cam Dolan Lock 07/03/90 Cardiff Blues Pro12
Samu Manoa Lock 05/03/85 Toulon Top 14
Greg Peterson Lock 26/03/91 Glasgow Pro12
Christian Ostberg Lock 19/07/94 Aurillac Pro D2
Langilangi Haupeakui Number 8 03/07/89 Glasgow Pro12
David Tameilau Number 8 22/01/90 Narbonne Pro D2
Aj MacGinty Fly Half 26/02/90 Sale Premiership
Ronnie McLean Centre 05/06/85 Richmond Championship
Thretton Palamo Centre 22/09/88 Bristol Premiership
Takudzwa Ngwenya Wing 22/07/85 Brive Top 14
Blaine Scully Wing 29/02/88 Cardiff Blues Pro12
Chris Wyles Wing 13/09/83 Saracens Premiership

Oceania (205)
Cook Islands (1)
Steven Setephano Number 8 15/04/84 Grenoble Top 14

Fiji (87)
Campese Ma'afu Loosehead Prop 19/12/84 Northampton Premiership
Peni Ravai Loosehead Prop 16/06/90 Aurillac Pro D2
Sunia Vola Loosehead Prop 18/05/93 Vannes Pro D2
Manasa Saulo Tighthead Prop 06/04/89 Toulon Top 14
Tevita Cavubati Lock 12/08/87 Worcester Premiership
Viliame Mata Lock 22/10/91 Edinburgh Pro12
Sikeli Nabou Lock 05/03/88 Biarritz Pro D2
Leone Nakarawa Lock 04/02/88 Racing 92 Top 14
Api Ratuniyarawa Lock 11/07/86 Northampton Premiership
Jese Cirikisuva Flanker 09/03/88 Agen Pro D2
Naulia Dawai Flanker 26/06/87 Connacht Pro12
Piu Muarua Flanker 28/06/96 Agen Pro D2
Peniami Narisia Flanker 10/06/97 Brive Top 14
Senitiki Nayalo Flanker London Irish Championship
Akapusi Qera Flanker 24/04/84 Montpellier Top 14
Dominiko Waqaniburotu Flanker 20/04/86 Brive Top 14
Peceli Yato Flanker 17/01/93 Clermont Top 14
Ifereimi Boladau Number 8 21/09/86 London Scottish Championship
Laijaisa Bolenaivalu Number 8 27/01/93 Vannes Pro D2
Josefa Domolailai Number 8 11/12/85 Carcassonne Pro D2
Aisea Koliavu Number 8 15/01/91 Dax Pro D2
Sisa Koyamaibole Number 8 06/03/80 Brive Top 14
Jone Qovu Number 8 26/07/85 La Rochelle Top 14
Nemia Soqeta Number 8 04/03/85 Biarritz Pro D2
Netani Talei Number 8 19/03/83 Harlequins Premiership
Nemia Kenatale Scrum Half 21/01/86 Glasgow Pro12
Nikola Matawalu Scrum Half 08/03/89 Exeter Premiership
Ilikena Bolakoro Centre 22/08/87 Angoulême Pro D2
Levani Botia Centre 14/03/89 La Rochelle Top 14
Peni Botiki Centre 30/01/89 Colomiers Pro D2
Seremaia Burotu Centre 19/07/87 Brive Top 14
Aloisio Butonidualevu Centre 21/10/83 Vannes Pro D2
Andrea Cocagi Centre 01/03/94 Perpignan Pro D2
Gabiriele Lovobalavu Centre 20/06/85 Bayonne Top 14
Josh Matavesi Centre 05/10/90 Ospreys Pro12
Saimoni Nabaro Centre 06/05/90 Mont-de-Marsan Pro D2
Apisai Naqalevu Centre 21/08/89 Dax Pro D2
Nasoni Naqiri Centre 30/07/93 Albi Pro D2
Ropate Ratu Centre 01/03/85 Mont-de-Marsan Pro D2
Leone Ravuetaki Centre 10/03/86 Narbonne Pro D2
Waisale Sukanaveita Centre 19/07/84 Montauban Pro D2
Joe Vakacegu Centre 28/10/88 Bordeaux-Bègles Top 14
Jale Vatubua Centre 30/08/91 Pau Top 14
Albert Vulivuli Centre 26/05/85 Racing 92 Top 14
Jone Waqaliva Centre 18/06/95 Bordeaux-Bègles Top 14
Sakiusa Bureitakiyaca Wing 02/02/92 Dax Pro D2
Adriu Delai Wing 11/06/84 Biarritz Pro D2
Esava Delai Wing 07/09/87 Dax Pro D2
Seva Galala Wing 29/01/93 Brive Top 14
Niki Goneva Wing 05/04/84 Newcastle Premiership
Randall Kamea Wing 03/01/87 Bourgoin Pro D2
Semi Kunatani Wing 27/10/90 Toulouse Top 14
Benito Masilevu Wing 07/10/89 Brive Top 14
Ledua Mau Wing 16/02/93 Angoulême Pro D2
Nemani Nadolo Wing 31/01/88 Montpellier Top 14
Timoci Nagusa Wing 14/07/87 Montpellier Top 14
Seveci Nakailagi Wing 02/07/95 Montpellier Top 14
Filipo Nakosi Wing 08/04/92 Agen Pro D2
Napolioni Nalaga Wing 04/07/86 Lyon Top 14
Sakiusa Navakadretia Wing 03/06/85 Narbonne Pro D2
Apimeleki Nawaqatabu Wing 03/02/95 Perpignan Pro D2
Waisea Nayacalevu Wing 26/06/90 Stade Français Top 14
Maritino Nemani Wing 25/05/91 Grenoble Top 14
Malakai Radikedike Wing 06/05/85 Brive Top 14
Josaia Raisuqe Wing 22/07/94 Stade Français Top 14
Kamilieni Raivono Wing 13/05/96 La Rochelle Top 14
Alivereti Raka Wing 09/12/94 Clermont Top 14
Mosese Ratuvou Wing 31/01/83 Pau Top 14
Timilai Rokoduru Wing 21/01/93 Albi Pro D2
Vilikisa Salawa Wing 15/10/91 Mont-de-Marsan Pro D2
Edward Sawailau Wing 04/04/96 Grenoble Top 14
Michael Tagicakibau Wing 09/05/85 Treviso Pro12
Metuisela Talebula Wing 20/05/91 Bordeaux-Bègles Top 14
Uwa Tawalo Wing 27/02/92 Oyonnax Pro D2
Asaeli Tikoirotuma Wing 24/06/86 London Irish Championship
Josua Tuisova Wing 04/02/94 Toulon Top 14
Jone Tuva Wing 23/03/96 Lyon Top 14
Eroni Tuwai Wing 12/06/95 Bordeaux-Bègles Top 14
Saimoni Vaka Wing 02/06/87 Biarritz Pro D2
Samisoni Viriviri Wing 25/04/88 Montauban Pro D2
Venione Voretamaya Wing 22/10/90 Colomiers Pro D2
Watisoni Votu Wing 25/03/85 Pau Top 14
Marika Vunibaka Wing 12/05/94 Colomiers Pro D2
Nacani Wakaya Wing 25/06/91 Mont-de-Marsan Pro D2
Sisa Waqa Wing 29/04/86 Grenoble Top 14
Kini Murimurivalu Full Back 15/05/89 La Rochelle Top 14
Isa Nacewa Full Back 22/07/82 Leinster Pro12

Samoa (63)
Viliamu Afatia Loosehead Prop 24/05/90 Racing 92 Top 14
Na'ama Leleimalefaga Loosehead Prop 20/11/87 Worcester Premiership
Logovi'i Mulipola Loosehead Prop 11/03/87 Leicester Premiership
Zak Taulafo Loosehead Prop 29/01/83 Stade Français Top 14
Ole Avei Hooker 13/06/83 Bordeaux-Bègles Top 14
Elia Elia Hooker 22/01/96 Harlequins Premiership
Steve Fualau Hooker 03/08/83 Béziers Pro D2
Manu Leiataua Hooker 26/12/86 Bayonne Top 14
Motu Matu'u Hooker 30/04/87 Gloucester Premiership
Ti'i Paulo Hooker 13/01/83 Lyon Top 14
Paul Alo-Emile Tighthead Prop 22/12/91 Stade Français Top 14
Census Johnston Tighthead Prop 06/05/81 Toulouse Top 14
James Johnston Tighthead Prop 06/03/86 Worcester Premiership
James Lakepa Tighthead Prop 04/06/80 Dax Pro D2
Anthony Perenise Tighthead Prop 18/10/82 Bristol Premiership
Eric Sione Tighthead Prop 29/10/92 Castres Top 14
Pingi Tala'apitaga Tighthead Prop 24/02/87 Narbonne Pro D2
Patrick Toetu Tighthead Prop 14/03/84 Brive Top 14
Brian Alainu'uese Lock 19/03/94 Glasgow Pro12
Jonny Fa'amatuainu Lock 29/12/83 Colomiers Pro D2
Rome Nifo Lock 03/01/84 Angoulême Pro D2
Maselino Paulino Lock 21/06/88 Lyon Top 14
Filo Paulo Lock 06/11/87 Treviso Pro12
Pelu Taele Lock 28/09/81 Bayonne Top 14
Joe Tekori Lock 17/12/83 Toulouse Top 14
Paul Tupai Lock 16/09/74 Bedford Championship
Paul Tupai Lock 16/09/74 Bedford Championship
Chris Vui Lock 11/02/93 Worcester Premiership
Piula Fa'asalele Flanker 22/01/88 Toulouse Top 14
Maurie Fa'asavalu Flanker 12/01/80 Oyonnax Pro D2
TJ Ioane Flanker 09/05/89 Sale Premiership
Jack Lam Flanker 18/11/87 Bristol Premiership
Kelly Meafua Flanker 06/04/90 Narbonne Pro D2
Alafoti Fa'osiliva Number 8 28/10/85 Worcester Premiership
Giovanni Kueffner Number 8 09/01/95 Pau Top 14
Laki Lee Number 8 22/06/94 Clermont Top 14
Genesis Mamea Number 8 22/09/88 Perpignan Pro D2
Utu Maninoa Number 8 14/06/86 Aurillac Pro D2
Peter Saili Number 8 04/01/88 Bordeaux-Bègles Top 14
Marlon Solofuti Number 8 25/07/81 Angoulême Pro D2
Nuku Swerling Number 8 08/08/93 Oyonnax Pro D2
Ofisa Treviranus Number 8 31/03/84 London Irish Championship
Tai Tuifu'a Number 8 20/08/84 Lyon Top 14
Fred Tuilagi Number 8 09/06/97 Leicester Premiership
Vavae Tuilagi Number 8 15/06/88 Carcassonne Pro D2
Pele Cowley Scrum Half 16/04/93 Cardiff Blues Pro12
Kahn Fotuali'i Scrum Half 21/05/82 Bath Premiership
Tusi Pisi Fly Half 18/06/82 Bristol Premiership
Rey Lee-Lo Centre 28/02/86 Cardiff Blues Pro12
Alapati Leiua Centre 21/09/88 Wasps Premiership
Johnny Leota Centre 21/01/84 Sale Premiership
Robert Lilomaiava Centre 28/03/92 Aurillac Pro D2
Kiri Mariner Centre 28/08/84 Montauban Pro D2
Fautua Otto Centre 23/07/85 Jersey Championship
George Pisi Centre 29/06/86 Northampton Premiership
Winston Stanley Centre 11/02/89 Harlequins Premiership
Paul Williams Centre 22/04/83 Stade Français Top 14
Alofa Alofa Wing 12/03/91 Harlequins Premiership
David Lemi Wing 10/02/82 Bristol Premiership
Paul Perez Wing 26/07/85 Toulouse Top 14
Ken Pisi Wing 24/02/89 Northampton Premiership
Sinoti Sinoti Wing 09/09/85 Newcastle Premiership
Ahsee Tuala Full Back 23/08/89 Northampton Premiership

Tonga (54)
Richard Aho Loosehead Prop 25/04/87 Angoulême Pro D2
Peni Fakalelu Loosehead Prop 11/09/84 Bourgoin Pro D2
Tevita Mailau Loosehead Prop 25/04/85 Perpignan Pro D2
Sona Taumalolo Loosehead Prop 13/11/81 Grenoble Top 14
Soane Tonga'uiha Loosehead Prop 21/01/82 Bristol Premiership
Paula Ngauamo Hooker 19/02/90 Mont-de-Marsan Pro D2
Elvis Taione Hooker 25/05/83 Exeter Premiership
Halani Aulika Tighthead Prop 31/08/83 Sale Premiership
Paea Fa'anunu Tighthead Prop 04/11/88 Dax Pro D2
David Fe'ao Tighthead Prop 10/06/90 La Rochelle Top 14
Taufa'ao Filise Tighthead Prop 26/05/77 Cardiff Blues Pro12
Leo Halavatau Tighthead Prop 21/11/83 Angoulême Pro D2
Sila Puafisi Tighthead Prop 15/04/88 Glasgow Pro12
Ben Tameifuna Tighthead Prop 30/08/91 Racing 92 Top 14
Toma Taufa Tighthead Prop 09/03/95 Bayonne Top 14
Semisi Telefoni Tighthead Prop 22/12/82 Carcassonne Pro D2
Ikapote Fono Lock 09/11/85 Angoulême Pro D2
Uili Kolo'ofai Lock 29/09/82 Jersey Championship
Lua Lokotui Lock 31/12/79 Béziers Pro D2
Steve Mafi Lock 09/12/89 Castres Top 14
Sione Timani Lock 03/09/84 Colomiers Pro D2
Joe Tu'ineau Lock 18/08/81 Dax Pro D2
Sione Kalamafoni Flanker 18/05/88 Gloucester Premiership
Nili Latu Flanker 19/02/82 Newcastle Premiership
Latu Maka'afi Flanker 17/08/82 Doncaster Championship
Sione Tau Flanker 21/02/89 Agen Pro D2
Daniel Faleafa Number 8 13/02/89 Albi Pro D2
Viliami Fihaki Number 8 17/01/87 Edinburgh Pro12
Opeti Fonua Number 8 26/05/86 Newcastle Premiership
Chris Hala'ufia Number 8 24/10/78 Narbonne Pro D2
Vili Ma'afu Number 8 09/03/82 Oyonnax Pro D2
Haisini Taulanga Number 8 04/03/85 Mont-de-Marsan Pro D2
Tunufai Tavalea Number 8 20/09/84 Albi Pro D2
Nomani Tonga Number 8 16/05/83 Albi Pro D2
Ma'ama Vaipulu Number 8 21/07/89 Castres Top 14
Samisoni Fisilau Scrum Half 29/11/87 Jersey Championship
Taniela Moa Scrum Half 11/03/85 Pau Top 14
Tane Takulua Scrum Half 11/01/91 Newcastle Premiership
Viliami Hakalo Centre 12/04/87 Nottingham Championship
Willis Halaholo Centre 06/07/90 Cardiff Blues Pro12
Hemani Paea Centre 30/07/85 Lyon Top 14
Sione Piukala Centre 06/08/85 Perpignan Pro D2
Sione Piukala Centre 06/08/85 Perpignan Pro D2
Siale Piutau Centre 13/10/85 Bristol Premiership
David Halaifonua Wing 05/07/87 Gloucester Premiership
Will Helu Wing 19/04/86 Edinburgh Pro12
Daniel Kilioni Wing 22/02/93 Carcassonne Pro D2
Daniel Kilioni Wing 22/02/93 Carcassonne Pro D2
Afeafe Haisila Lokotui Wing Worcester Premiership
Alaska Taufa Wing 24/07/83 Oyonnax Pro D2
Nafi Tuitavake Wing 21/01/89 Northampton Premiership
Fetu'u Vainikolo Wing 30/01/85 Oyonnax Pro D2
Cooper Vuna Wing 05/07/87 Worcester Premiership
Telusa Veainu Full Back 26/12/90 Leicester Premiership

South America (6)
Chile (2)
Ramon Ayarza Loosehead Prop 28/08/93 Bayonne Top 14
Pablo Huete Lock 11/01/89 Bayonne Top 14

Colombia Colombia (1)
Andres Zafra Lock 26/04/96 Lyon Top 14

Uruguay (3)
Rodrigo Capo Ortega Lock 08/12/80 Castres Top 14
Agustin Ormaechea Scrum Half 08/03/91 Mont-de-Marsan Pro D2
Felipe Berchesi Fly Half 12/04/91 Carcassonne Pro D2

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