Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Kvirikashvili clangers continue


Can Milton Haig really keep picking Kvirikashvili at full back for Georgia? The question was asked last week and most fans backed him, but after yet another game against Spain where his errors were exposed and proved costly, surely it is now only Romanians who would want him wearing the 15 jersey next week.

This site really doesn't want to pick on just one player, but the truth needs to be aired. Kvirikashvili has always been inconsistent and unreliable, but the last few matches have been truly cringeworthy, he was gaffe prone as a 10 but at 15 his errors are even more exposed and costing Georgia repeatedly. It’s getting to the stage now that the most profitable strategy for the opposition is to boot the ball in Kvirikashvili's general vicinity and waiting for the latest clanger.

If you analyse the tries Georgia have conceded since 2013, 8 of the past 11 have stemmed in some way from the blunders of Kvirikashvili. That simply cannot keep continuing. It has already cost Georgia wins and will cost more tight games in the future unless it ceases.

It's unfortunate for Georgia as most of their backline are actually very good defenders as we have seen when they didn't concede a try against Canada and held out against Samoa. But since the World Cup there's been the same certain individuals who keep costing them again and again. Sandro Todua and Irakli Kiasashvili were dropped for their insufficient ability to tackle and Abuseridze retired following a poor year, but Kvirikashvili remains and has actually upped his clanger count since moving to 15 to make up for their absence.

Last week we asked whether it was time for Kvirikashvili to be removed from the 15 shirt. He was given the backing of fans who voted in favour of him retaining it, but following his latest error ridden performance in Spain, the question will be asked again. Do Georgians really want Kvirikashvili to start at 15 again for them in the ENC decider against Romania? Lynn Howells and the Oaks must be rubbing his hands at glee at the thought of testing out the fragility of the Georgian full back next week.

Since 2013 in matches he has played in, Kvirikashvili's errors have led to 8 of the 11 tries Georgia have conceded. Here is a GIF look at them.

Error 1 (2)1 vs Belgium (February 2013)
Kvirikashvili gets fended off by Thomas de Molder as Belgium take a shocking 13-3 lead in the ENC opener last year. This was only one element of what was an all round terrible game for Georgia, and especially their fly half Kvirikashvili.

Poor kick2 vs Spain (February 2013)
With Georgia in possession at a maul, Kvirikashvili chips through from his own 22 conceding the turnover and Spain then capitalise to score against a disorganised defence.

error x3 vs USA (November 2013)
Kvirikashvili goes far too high on a tackle and is a non entity in defence as he gets piggy backed over the line as USA wing Blaine Scully goes over to score in the corner.

Error4 vs USA (November 2013)
The most embarrassing try Georgia have conceded in their history. After already having broken past one tackle, a chubby American prop Nick Wallace trundles past Kvirikashvili as last line of defence without being touched.

Error 35 vs Samoa (November 2013)
Collecting a poor kick from Tusi Pisi that offers him lots of time and space, Kvirikashvili boots the ball out on the full conceding territory which leads to a period of Samoan pressure and them getting their first try.

Error 46 vs Samoa (November 2013)
After another lame chip ahead by Pisi, Kvirikashvili slices the return kick offering Samoa good attacking position. The Samoans take advantage and score from a move off the subsequent lineout.

Error 57 vs Russia (February 2014)
Another error during a kicking duel, Kvirikashvili gets charged down by Yury Kushnarev and wing Andrei Otrokov scores Russia's first try against Georgia for 4 years which stuns the heavy favourites Georgia.

Error 68 vs Spain (March 2014)
Yet another defensive mishap which involves Kvirikashvili seemingly just running past a player without touching them. This time it's Spain's Mathieu Peluchon who profits from the mistake and gets a try under the posts.

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