Monday, 31 March 2014

Cam Dolan continues run of assured performances for the USA

Match pic

USA number 8 Cam Dolan stood out and continued his impressive run of form despite his side enduring yet another struggle against Uruguay in Atlanta last weekend.

Even though the recent playoff matches with Uruguay weren't the most memorable for the USA, number 8 Cam Dolan managed to impress in difficult circumstances.

It is hard for a number 8 when they are playing behind a scrum that reversing at a pace, but Dolan dealt admirably well in this area through the match. Picking up from the base of the scrum he managed to tidy up and gain metres from potentially awkward situations.

The main area where Dolan stood out though was at the lineout, where he was a pain for the Uruguayans winning 3 steals from their throw as well as being a solid option for the USA.

Dolan, who hails from Florida an area where rugby isn't traditionally strong in the US, is a skilful breed of number 8, more of an all rounder as opposed to the pure bull type or the pacey type who spends a lot of time out wide. His rise over the course of the past 6 months has been rapid.

Considered a standout player for the Eagles A side in the Americas Rugby Cup, Dolan's form there pushed captain Todd Clever to flanker and he became a first choice starter in November where continued form including a man of the match performance against the New Zealand Maori won him a contract to join compatriot Samu Manoa at Northampton in January. Although not getting much immediate game time at the Saints, he certainly has potential to be an asset to them.

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