Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Players from 'Tier 2' nations playing in Europe (2018/2019)

This year we have added a bit more detail to our annual list of all the players from outside Tier 1 nations playing professionally in Western Europe (in the Top 14 or Pro D2 in France, Premiership or Championship in England, or Pro14 in the Celtic nations and Italy).

The main list of compiled based on players who have made their professional first team domestic debut and either a) raised and gone through most of their development outside a Tier 1 nation or b) been called up to a national squad outside a Tier 1 nation at some level whether it be age grade, a selection team, or the senior team either at 15 or 7s.

However this season we have also additionally listed players in Espoirs or Academy squads who have not yet made their full first team professional debut (such players are shaded in green). Plus also players who were predominantly raised in a Tier 2 nation (like Tim Visser or Samu Ezeala) but have since gone on to be part of a squad of another nation (they are shaded in red). There are also a couple of players who have yet to make their first team debut, were raised mostly outside a Tier 1 nation, but who have represented different nations at youth level (they are shaded green but with red text).

We have attempted to represent which country each player mostly grew up and were raised in. Whilst for the majority of players this is obvious (Aj MacGinty grew up in Ireland for example), in others there could either be a mixture of countries, or in a few cases could be simply hard to find out exactly, so there is the possibility of error. In cases of scholarship players who can move as young as 15 or 16, we are listing them as with their initial country that raised them to that point even though they may have spent as much time training in their adopted country by the time they are 22 or 23.

Finally also added which players are officially cap tied through 15s, 7s, or a designated second team.

If there is an error or player missing simply leave a comment and it will be corrected.

Africa (29)
Algeria Algeria (8)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Sofiane Chellat France LH 12/01/90 Massy Pro D2 Int'l
Issam Hamel France HK 18/06/97 Racing 92 Top 14 Int'l
Youssef Saaidia France HK 09/02/95 Colomiers Pro D2
Jonathan Best France LK 02/08/83 Béziers Pro D2 Int'l
Saïd Hireche France FL 27/05/85 Brive Pro D2
Lucien Maman France SH 26/02/94 Richmond Championship Int'l
Mathieu Lorée France SH 18/06/87 Massy Pro D2 Int'l
Julien Caminati France WG 28/10/85 Castres Top 14

Cameroon Cameroon (1)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Christian Njewel Cameroon LK 22/03/90 Oyonnax Pro D2 Int'l

Ivory Coast Ivory Coast (3)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Evrard Oulai Ivory Coast LK 22/06/93 Bayonne Pro D2 Int'l
Bakary Meité France N8 30/09/83 Carcassonne Pro D2 Int'l
Christian Lacombe France FH 04/12/99 Agen Top 14
Yann Lohore Ivory Coast WG 23/05/89 Aurillac Pro D2 Int'l

Madagascar Madagascar
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Corentin Delaune France LK Vannes Pro D2 Int'l

Morocco Morocco (4)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Mehdi Boundjema France HK 07/06/90 Angoulême Pro D2 Int'l
Mohamed Loukia France TH 28/07/93 Provence Pro D2 Int'l
Abdellatif Boutaty Morocco LK 04/06/83 Bayonne Pro D2 Int'l
Yassine Maamry France LK 08/07/93 Béziers Pro D2 Int'l

Namibia Namibia (8)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Torsten van Jaarsveld South Africa HK 30/06/87 Bayonne Pro D2 Int'l
Aranos Coetzee South Africa TH 14/03/88 Cheetahs Pro14 Int'l
Patrick Schickerling Namibia TH 16/10/98 Exeter Premiership
Tjiuee Uanivi Namibia LK 31/12/90 London Scottish Championship Int'l
Paul Willemse Namibia LK 13/11/92 Montpellier Top 14
Renaldo Bothma South Africa FL 18/09/89 Harlequins Premiership Int'l
Janco Venter Namibia FL 19/09/94 Jersey Championship Int'l
PJ van Lill Namibia N8 04/12/83 Bayonne Pro D2 Int'l
Johan Deysel Namibia CT 26/09/91 Colomiers Pro D2 Int'l
Lesley Klim Namibia CT 16/01/95 Ospreys Pro14 Int'l

Tunisia Tunisia (1)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Samir Hamrouni France TH Oyonnax Pro D2 Int'l
Bilel Taieb France FL 27/01/93 Oyonnax Pro D2 Int'l

Zimbabwe Zimbabwe (4)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Lovejoy Chawatama Zimbabwe TH 26/08/92 London Irish Championship
Farai Mudariki South Africa TH 13/02/95 Worcester Premiership Int'l
Marco Mama Zimbabwe FL 27/03/91 Worcester Premiership
Mike Williams Zimbabwe FL 04/11/91 Leicester Premiership
Hilton Mudariki South Africa SH 08/04/92 Jersey Championship Int'l

Americas (38)
Canada Canada (11)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Jake Ilnicki Canada TH 24/02/92 Yorkshire Carnegie Championship Int'l
Matt Tierney Canada TH 04/07/96 Pau Top 14 Int'l
Brett Beukeboom Canada LK 13/08/90 Cornish Pirates Championship Int'l
Matt Beukeboom Canada LK 03/04/97 Pau Top 14 Int'l
Quentin James Canada LK 16/08/99 Perpignan Top 14
Justin Blanchet England FL 25/08/93 Bedford Championship
Robert Barbieri Canada N8 05/06/84 Benetton Pro14 Int'l
Will Percillier Singapore SH 30/01/99 Stade Français Top 14
Will Kelly Canada FH 05/08/97 Dragons Pro14
Shane O'Leary Ireland FH 12/03/93 Nottingham Championship Int'l
Ciaran Hearn Canada CT 30/12/85 London Irish Championship Int'l
Conor Trainor Canada CT 05/12/89 Nevers Pro D2 Int'l
Matt Evans Canada WG 02/01/88 Cornish Pirates Championship Int'l
Taylor Paris Canada WG 06/10/92 Castres Top 14 Int'l
DTH van der Merwe South Africa WG 28/04/86 Glasgow Pro14 Int'l
Robbie Povey England FB 21/09/96 Coventry Championship Int'l

Chile Chile (2)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Ramón Ayarza Chile LH 28/08/93 Bayonne Pro D2 Int'l
Pablo Huete Chile LK 11/01/89 Angoulême Pro D2 Int'l

Colombia Colombia (1)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Andrés Zafra Colombia LK 26/03/96 Agen Top 14 Int'l

Jamaica Jamaica (1)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Rhodri Adamson England SH 29/10/93 Richmond Championship 7s

Uruguay Uruguay (3)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Reinaldo Piussi Uruguay TH 18/05/99 Oyonnax Pro D2
Rodrigo Capó Ortega Uruguay LK 08/12/80 Castres Top 14 Int'l
Manuel Leindekar Uruguay LK 23/04/97 Oyonnax Pro D2 Int'l
Agustín Ormaechea Uruguay SH 08/03/91 Mont-de-Marsan Pro D2 Int'l

United States USA (20)

Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
David Ainuu USA LH 20/11/99 Toulouse Top 14 Int'l
Callum Black England LH 25/02/86 Worcester Premiership
Eric Fry USA LH 14/09/87 Vannes Pro D2 Int'l
Joe Taufete'e USA HK 04/10/92 Worcester Premiership Int'l
Titi Lamositele USA TH 11/02/95 Saracens Premiership Int'l
Dave Ryan Ireland TH 21/04/86 Agen Top 14
Dino Waldren USA TH 11/07/91 London Scottish Championship Int'l
Nick Civetta USA LK 05/11/89 Doncaster Championship Int'l
Ben Landry USA LK 26/03/91 Ealing Championship Int'l
Christian Ostberg USA LK 19/07/94 Aurillac Pro D2 A
Greg Peterson Australia LK 26/03/91 Bordeaux-Bègles Top 14 Int'l
Andrew Durutalo Fiji FL 25/10/87 Ealing Championship Int'l
Nafi Maafu USA N8 18/06/98 Perpignan Top 14
David Tameilau USA N8 22/01/90 Glasgow Pro14 Int'l
Ruben de Haas USA SH 09/10/98 Cheetahs Pro14 Int'l
Will Hooley England FH 28/11/93 Bedford Championship Int'l
Aj MacGinty Ireland FH 26/02/90 Sale Premiership Int'l
Bryce Campbell USA CT 21/09/94 London Irish Championship Int'l
Paul Lasike New Zealand CT 18/06/90 Harlequins Premiership Int'l
Ronnie McLean England CT 05/06/85 Richmond Championship Int'l
Deion Mikesell USA WG 07/01/97 Clermont Top 14 Int'l
Blaine Scully USA WG 29/02/88 Cardiff Blues Pro14 Int'l

Asia (1)
Hong Kong Hong Kong (1)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Matt Worley Hong Kong WG 06/09/97 Northampton Premiership


Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Hiroki Taguchi Japan FB Vannes Pro D2

Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Will Percillier Singapore SH 30/01/99 Stade Français Top 14

Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Jordan Onojaife UAE LK 02/08/95 Ealing Championship
Devante Onojaife UAE FL 15/04/98 Northampton Premiership

Europe (117)
Andorra Andorra
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Pep Arasanz Andorra FB Exeter Premiership

Belgium Belgium (3)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Charlesty Berguet Belgium LH Perpignan Top 14
Vincent Debaty Belgium LH 02/10/81 Oyonnax Pro D2 Int'l
Bastien Gallaire France LH 29/03/99 Stade Français Top 14 Int'l
Martin Jessen Belgium HK Carcassonne Pro D2 U20
Sven D'Hooghe Belgium LK 06/03/97 Montauban Pro D2 Int'l
Alec Maloir Belgium LK 26/08/97 La Rochelle Top 14 Int'l
Guillaume Mortier France LK 24/08/97 Provence Pro D2 Int'l
Willy Santer France LK Toulon Top 14
William Van Bost Belgium FL 01/08/98 Toulon Top 14
Isaac Montoisy Belgium SH 09/09/98 Aurillac Pro D2 Int'l
Samuel Jung France FH Carcassonne Pro D2 U20
Viktor Pazgrat Belgium CT Perpignan Top 14
Jens Torfs Belgium CT 25/05/92 Mont-de-Marsan Pro D2 Int'l
Ervin Muric Belgium WG 03/01/97 Hartpury College Championship Int'l
Thomas Wallraf France WG 21/01/98 Nevers Pro D2 Int'l
Samuel Couplan Belgium FB Stade Français Top 14

Cyprus Cyprus (1)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Yiannis Loizias England CT 14/01/95 London Scottish Championship Int'l

Georgia (country) Georgia (50)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Giorgi Akhaladze Georgia LH 13/04/99 Massy Pro D2  
Karlen Asieshvili Georgia LH 21/04/87 Brive Pro D2 Int'l
Guram Gogichashvili Georgia LH 04/09/98 Racing 92 Top 14 Int'l
Luka Goginava Georgia LH 04/10/96 Brive Pro D2  
Beqa Kakabadze Georgia LH 07/09/95 Clermont Top 14  
Vasil Kakovin Georgia LH 01/12/89 Racing 92 Top 14 Int'l
Vazha Kapanadze Georgia LH 15/01/95 Bourg-en-Bresse Pro D2  
Tornike Mataradze Georgia LH 18/10/96 Nevers Pro D2 Int'l
Mikheil Nariashvili Georgia LH 25/05/90 Montpellier Top 14 Int'l
Nika Neparidze Georgia LH 18/02/96 Vannes Pro D2  
Giorgi Nutsubidze Georgia LH 11/11/98 Biarritz Pro D2  
Val Rapava Ruskin England LH 12/10/92 Gloucester Premiership  
Ushangi Tcheishvili Georgia LH 29/08/97 Montpellier Top 14 U20
Giorgi Tetrashvili Georgia LH 31/08/93 Agen Top 14 Int'l
Giorgi Vepkhvadze Georgia LH 05/07/91 Aurillac Pro D2  
Zurab Zhvania Georgia LH 23/09/91 Wasps Premiership Int'l
Badri Alkhazashvili Georgia HK 31/07/95 Toulon Top 14 Int'l
Vano Karkadze Georgia HK 25/06/00 Aurillac Pro D2  
Gio Nefaridze Georgia HK 23/03/96 Angoulême Pro D2  
Otar Turashvili Georgia HK 14/07/86 Colomiers Pro D2 Int'l
Vakhtangi Akhobadze Georgia TH 07/05/93 Biarritz Pro D2  
Luka Azariashvili Georgia TH 15/02/99 Montpellier Top 14  
Soso Bekoshvili Georgia TH 03/11/93 Brive Pro D2 Int'l
Mirian Burduli Georgia TH 06/01/91 Carcassonne Pro D2  
Luka Chelidze Georgia TH 01/08/00 Toulon Top 14  
Levan Chilachava Georgia TH 17/08/91 Montpellier Top 14 Int'l
Beqa Gigashvili Georgia TH 17/02/92 Grenoble Top 14 Int'l
Nika Gvaladze Georgia TH 02/02/99 Grenoble Top 14  
Luka Japaridze Georgia TH 06/10/98 Brive Pro D2  
Ilia Kaikatsishvili Georgia TH 19/02/93 Massy Pro D2  
Lekso Kaulashvili Georgia TH 27/08/92 Bordeaux-Bègles Top 14  
Saba Kaulashvili Georgia TH 26/02/99 Bordeaux-Bègles Top 14  
Gia Kharaishvili Georgia TH 13/02/99 Racing 92 Top 14
Davit Kubriashvili Georgia TH 03/12/86 Grenoble Top 14 Int'l
Irodi Kutsniashvili Georgia TH 20/02/99 Angoulême Pro D2  
Lasha Macharashvili Georgia TH 13/11/98 Mont-de-Marsan Pro D2  
Giorgi Melikidze Georgia TH 24/05/96 Stade Français Top 14 Int'l
Irakli Mirtskhulava Georgia TH 22/12/88 Oyonnax Pro D2 Int'l
Omar Odishvili Georgia TH 02/07/97 Pau Top 14  
Guram Papidze Georgia TH 16/06/97 Nevers Pro D2 U20
Jemal Shatirishvili Georgia TH 22/12/98 La Rochelle Top 14  
Beka Sheklashvili Georgia TH 06/07/86 Colomiers Pro D2 Int'l
Lasha Tabidze Georgia TH 04/07/97 Bordeaux-Bègles Top 14 Int'l
Rati Tchitchiashvili Georgia TH   Montpellier Top 14
Zauri Tevdorashvili Georgia TH 21/01/99 Angoulême Pro D2  
Khvicha Tsopurashvili Georgia TH 02/02/00 Stade Français Top 14  
Davit Zirakashvili Georgia TH 10/10/83 Clermont Top 14 Int'l
Nodar Cheishvili Georgia LK 13/11/90 Cornish Pirates Championship Int'l
Lasha Lomidze Georgia LK 30/06/92 Doncaster Championship Int'l
Giorgi Javakhia Georgia LK 24/09/96 Aurillac Pro D2  
Kote Mikautadze Georgia LK 01/07/91 Montpellier Top 14 Int'l
Giorgi Nemsadze Georgia LK 26/09/84 Ospreys Pro14 Int'l
Shalva Sutiashvili Georgia LK 24/01/84 Angoulême Pro D2 Int'l
Mamuka Gorgodze Georgia FL 14/07/84 Toulon Top 14 Int'l
Vito Kolelishvili Georgia FL 09/10/89 Clermont Top 14 Int'l
Beqa Saginadze Georgia FL 29/10/98 Aurillac Pro D2 U20
Irakli Tskhadadze Georgia FL 01/08/96 Bordeaux-Bègles Top 14  
Giorgi Tsutskiridze France FL 26/11/96 Aurillac Pro D2 Int'l
Otar Giorgadze Georgia N8 02/03/96 Brive Pro D2 Int'l
Beka Gorgadze Georgia N8 08/02/96 Bordeaux-Bègles Top 14 Int'l
Tornike Jalagonia Georgia N8 12/12/98 Biarritz Pro D2 U20
Gela Aprasidze Georgia SH 14/01/98 Montpellier Top 14 Int'l
Vasil Lobzhanidze Georgia SH 14/10/96 Brive Pro D2 Int'l
Tamaz Mchedlidze Georgia CT 17/03/93 Agen Top 14 Int'l
Merab Sharikadze Georgia CT 17/05/93 Aurillac Pro D2 Int'l
Luka Yurin Georgia WG 13/05/97 Lyon Top 14 7s
Giorgi Gogoladze Georgia FB 27/10/97 Aurillac Pro D2 7s

Germany Germany (5)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Jonny Harris England LH 15/01/91 London Scottish Championship
Julius Nostadt Germany LH 12/10/92 Aurillac Pro D2 Int'l
Eric Marks Germany LK 09/12/96 La Rochelle Top 14 Int'l
Emil Rupf Germany LK Wasps Premiership
Tim Menzel Germany SH 01/01/92 Vannes Pro D2 Int'l
Chris Hilsenbeck Germany FH 10/01/92 Vannes Pro D2 Int'l
Zani Dembele France WG 01/06/97 Racing 92 Top 14 Int'l
Maxime Oltmann France WG 28/12/95 Carcassonne Pro D2 Int'l

Hungary Hungary (1)

Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Bence Róth Hungary LK 02/08/96 Bourg-en-Bresse Pro D2 Int'l

Lithuania Lithuania (1)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Karolis Navickas Lithuania LK 09/04/90 Bourg-en-Bresse Pro D2 Int'l

Moldova Moldova (4)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Dmitri Arhip Moldova TH 12/11/88 Cardiff Blues Pro14 Int'l
Vadim Cobilas Moldova TH 30/07/83 Bordeaux-Bègles Top 14 Int'l
Gheorghe Gajion Moldova TH 13/11/92 Ospreys Pro14 Int'l
Cristian Ojovan Moldova TH 04/01/97 Aurillac Pro D2 Int'l

Netherlands Netherlands (2)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Noah de Wild Netherlands LH 27/12/99 London Scottish Championship
Koen Bloemen Netherlands LK 13/05/98 Montpellier Top 14 U20
Dennis van Dijken Netherlands LK Aurillac Pro D2
Jesse de Vries Netherlands FL 05/03/99 Aurillac Pro D2 U20
Zeno Kieft Netherlands FL 02/11/91 La Rochelle Top 14 Int'l
Kevin Krieger Netherlands N8 11/09/98 Montpellier Top 14 Int'l
Jake Ashby New Zealand SH Cornish Pirates Championship Int'l
Jasey van Kampen Netherlands FH 11/07/98 Aurillac Pro D2 U20
Tim Visser Netherlands WG 29/05/87 Harlequins Premiership Int'l

Poland Poland (2)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Andrzej Charlat France WG 31/12/94 Bourg-en-Bresse Pro D2 Int'l
Auguy Slowik England WG 15/12/93 Jersey Championship

Portugal Portugal (10)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Francisco Fernandes France LH 06/09/85 Béziers Pro D2 Int'l
Mike Tadjer France HK 10/03/89 Grenoble Top 14 Int'l
Anthony Alves France TH 23/06/89 Aurillac Pro D2 Int'l
Thibault de Sousa France TH 01/08/97 Castres Top 14
Rui d'Orey Portugal LK 31/10/85 Richmond Championship Int'l
Julien Bardy France FL 03/04/86 Montpellier Top 14 Int'l
Aurélien Beco France FL 12/03/86 Colomiers Pro D2 Int'l
Jean Sousa France FL 11/07/90 Montauban Pro D2 Int'l
Samuel Marques France SH 08/12/88 Brive Pro D2 Int'l
Pedro Bettencourt Portugal CT 18/11/94 Newcastle Premiership Int'l
José Lima Portugal CT 24/04/92 Carcassonne Pro D2 Int'l

Romania Romania (11)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Mihai Lazăr Romania LH 03/11/86 Grenoble Top 14 Int'l
Andrei Ursache Romania LH 10/05/84 Carcassonne Pro D2 Int'l
Otar Turashvili Georgia HK 14/07/86 Colomiers Pro D2 Int'l
Alexandru Tarus Romania TH 09/05/89 Sale Premiership Int'l
Marius Antonescu Romania LK 03/08/92 Colomiers Pro D2 Int'l
Alin Coste Romania LK 22/02/87 Carcassonne Pro D2 Int'l
Virgil Ghenea Romania LK 26/04/01 Aurillac Pro D2
Adrian Motoc Romania LK 11/07/96 Agen Top 14 Int'l
Johan van Heerden South Africa LK 09/12/86 Perpignan Top 14 Int'l
Mihai Macovei Romania FL 29/10/86 Colomiers Pro D2 Int'l
Valentin Ursache Romania FL 12/08/85 Oyonnax Pro D2 Int'l
André Gorin Romania N8 30/11/87 Massy Pro D2 Int'l

Russia Russia (3)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Valery Morozov Russia LH 21/09/94 Sale Premiership Int'l
Andrei Ostrikov Russia LK 02/07/87 Sale Premiership Int'l
Serge Sergueev France LK 26/12/87 Montauban Pro D2 Int'l

Spain Spain (22)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Jean-Baptiste Custoja France LH 20/05/93 Provence Pro D2 Int'l
Lucas Santamaría Spain LH Biarritz Pro D2
Xabier Solano Spain LH Bayonne Pro D2
Tommy Vaysset France LH 25/10/96 Béziers Pro D2
Iker Aduriz Spain HK Bayonne Pro D2
Andy Petros Spain HK Wasps Premiership
Marco Pinto Spain HK 11/11/87 Béziers Pro D2 Int'l
Juan Carlos Sánchez Spain HK Racing 92 Top 14
Xerom Civil France TH 02/04/94 Agen Top 14 Int'l
Jonathan Garcia France TH 05/12/84 Nevers Pro D2 Int'l
Joel Merkler Spain TH Toulouse Top 14
Jesús Moreno Spain TH 24/01/86 Provence Pro D2 Int'l
Javier Prieto Spain TH 28/11/99 Biarritz Pro D2
Jon Zabala Spain TH 26/11/96 Bayonne Pro D2 Int'l
Gorbei Allende Spain LK 10/04/01 Biarritz Pro D2
Mickaël de Marco France LK 22/04/89 Agen Top 14 Int'l
Alex Gimeno Spain LK 01/12/97 Béziers Pro D2
Hugo Carriere Spain FL Provence Pro D2
Vincent Farré France FL 06/06/90 Agen Top 14
Gautier Gibouin France FL 24/03/89 Nevers Pro D2 Int'l
Fred Quercy France FL 06/07/91 Nevers Pro D2 Int'l
Matheo Triki Spain FL La Rochelle Top 14
Asier Usarraga Spain FL 31/12/94 Biarritz Pro D2 Int'l
Simón Zubizarreta France FL Mont-de-Marsan Pro D2
Mario Pichardie Spain N8 Wasps Premiership
Urko Zumeta Spain N8 14/03/01 Biarritz Pro D2
Adrien Ayestaran France SH 07/09/87 Angoulême Pro D2 Int'l
Grégory Maiquez France SH 07/09/85 Bourg-en-Bresse Pro D2 Int'l
David Mélé France SH 22/10/85 Perpignan Top 14
Tomás Munilla Spain SH 03/08/98 Béziers Pro D2 Int'l
Guillaume Rouet France SH 13/08/88 Bayonne Pro D2 Int'l
Lucas Rubio France SH 29/05/91 Agen Top 14 Int'l
Eric Guitart Spain FH Toulouse Top 14
Nico Rocaries Spain FH Biarritz Pro D2
Rudy Derrieux France CT 06/02/93 Nevers Pro D2
Charles Gimenez France CT 11/02/88 Biarritz Pro D2
Gonzalo López Spain CT Biarritz Pro D2
Diego Periel Spain CT Bath Premiership
Fabien Perrin France CT 16/06/88 Bourg-en-Bresse Pro D2 Int'l
Martín Alonso Spain WG Clermont Top 14 7s
Sébastien Ascarat France WG 30/05/88 Montauban Pro D2 Int'l
Samu Ezeala Spain WG 11/12/99 Clermont Top 14
Jordi Jorbá Spain WG 08/05/97 Perpignan Top 14 Int'l
Dario Porta Spain WG Béziers Pro D2
Jean-Baptiste Richardis France WG Montauban Pro D2
Pep Arasanz Andorra FB Exeter Premiership
Victor Gavin Spain FB Wasps Premiership
Charly Malié France FB 05/11/91 Pau Top 14 Int'l

Switzerland Switzerland (2)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Corentin Braendlin France LK 29/04/94 Montauban Pro D2 Int'l
Benjamin Doy France CT 13/09/93 Bourg-en-Bresse Pro D2 Int'l
Jeremy Toa Switzerland CT 30/08/96 Oyonnax Pro D2 Int'l

Oceania (206)
Cook Islands Cook Islands (3)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Shahn Eru New Zealand LK 20/09/89 Perpignan Top 14 Int'l
Steven Setephano New Zealand N8 15/04/84 Grenoble Top 14 Int'l
Tyrone Viiga Australia N8 09/06/92 Béziers Pro D2 Int'l

Fiji Fiji (93)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Campese Ma'afu Australia LH 19/12/84 Leicester Premiership Int'l
Peni Ravai Fiji LH 16/06/90 Bordeaux-Bègles Top 14 Int'l
Sunia Vola Fiji LH 18/05/93 Vannes Pro D2
Sam Matavesi England HK 13/01/92 Cornish Pirates Championship Int'l
Talemaitoga Tuapati Fiji HK 16/08/85 Provence Pro D2 Int'l
Lee-Roy Atalifo Fiji TH 10/03/88 Jersey Championship Int'l
Manasa Saulo Fiji TH 06/04/89 London Irish Championship Int'l
Kalivati Tawake Fiji TH 16/11/88 Biarritz Pro D2 Int'l
Josaia Cama Fiji LK 27/07/97 Biarritz Pro D2
Tevita Cavubati Fiji LK 12/08/87 Newcastle Premiership Int'l
Sikeli Nabou Fiji LK 05/03/88 Biarritz Pro D2 Int'l
Leone Nakarawa Fiji LK 04/02/88 Racing 92 Top 14 Int'l
Jone Qovu Fiji LK 26/07/85 La Rochelle Top 14 Int'l
Api Ratuniyarawa Fiji LK 11/07/86 Northampton Premiership Int'l
Tevita Ratuva Fiji LK 08/05/95 Bordeaux-Bègles Top 14 A
Jone Seuvou Fiji LK 06/01/96 Carcassonne Pro D2
Albert Tuisue Fiji LK 06/06/93 London Irish Championship Int'l
Levani Botia Fiji FL 14/03/89 La Rochelle Top 14 Int'l
Andrew Durutalo Fiji FL 25/10/87 Ealing Championship Int'l
Kitione Kamikamica Fiji FL 27/04/96 Vannes Pro D2
Semi Kunatani Fiji FL 27/10/90 Harlequins Premiership Int'l
Peniami Narisia Fiji FL 10/06/97 Brive Pro D2
Akapusi Qera Fiji FL 24/04/84 Hartpury College Championship Int'l
Lekima Tagitagivalu Fiji FL 04/12/95 Pau Top 14
Apisai Tauyavuca Fiji FL 01/04/93 Zebre Pro14
Dominiko Waqaniburotu Fiji FL 20/04/86 Brive Pro D2 Int'l
Laijaisa Bolenaivalu Fiji N8 27/01/93 Vannes Pro D2
Nathan Hughes Fiji N8 10/06/91 Wasps Premiership Int'l
Viliame Mata Fiji N8 22/10/91 Edinburgh Pro14 Int'l
Pio Muarua Fiji N8 28/06/96 Angoulême Pro D2
Nemani Nagusa Fiji N8 21/06/88 Newcastle Premiership Int'l
Senitiki Nayalo Fiji N8 12/05/91 Edinburgh Pro14
Tevita Paea Fiji N8 24/01/97 Nevers Pro D2
Henry Spring Fiji N8 14/03/01 Stade Français Top 14
Manoa Vosawai Fiji N8 12/08/83 Vannes Pro D2 Int'l
Peceli Yato Fiji N8 17/01/93 Clermont Top 14 Int'l
Henry Seniloli Fiji SH 15/06/89 Doncaster Championship Int'l
Ben Volavola Australia FH 13/01/91 Racing 92 Top 14 Int'l
Ilikena Bolakoro Fiji CT 22/08/87 Nevers Pro D2 Int'l
Seremaia Burotu Fiji CT 19/07/87 Provence Pro D2 7s
Adrea Cocagi Fiji CT 01/03/94 Perpignan Top 14
Seva Galala Fiji CT 29/01/93 Brive Pro D2 Int'l
Fred Hickes Fiji CT 17/07/92 Vannes Pro D2 A
Gaby Lovobalavu Fiji CT 20/06/85 Wasps Premiership Int'l
Josh Matavesi England CT 05/10/90 Newcastle Premiership Int'l
Ledua Mau Fiji CT 16/02/93 Angoulême Pro D2
Apisai Naqalevu Fiji CT 21/08/89 Clermont Top 14 7s
Nasoni Naqiri Fiji CT 30/07/93 Nevers Pro D2
Apimeleki Nawaqatabu Fiji CT 03/02/95 Béziers Pro D2
Waisea Nayacalevu Fiji CT 26/06/90 Stade Français Top 14 Int'l
Christa Powell Fiji CT 21/01/97 Aurillac Pro D2
Semi Radradra Fiji CT 13/06/92 Bordeaux-Bègles Top 14 Int'l
Tevita Railevu Fiji CT La Rochelle Top 14
Ropate Ratu Fiji CT 01/03/85 Mont-de-Marsan Pro D2 Int'l
Leone Ravuetaki Fiji CT 10/03/86 Biarritz Pro D2 Int'l
Savenaca Rawaca Fiji CT 20/08/91 Béziers Pro D2 Int'l
Meli Rokoua Fiji CT 24/07/94 Southern Kings Pro14
Edward Sawailau Fiji CT 04/04/96 Grenoble Top 14
Waisale Sukanaveita Fiji CT 19/07/84 Montauban Pro D2 Int'l
Metuisela Talebula Fiji CT 20/05/91 Bayonne Pro D2 Int'l
Seta Tamanivalu Fiji CT 23/07/92 Bordeaux-Bègles Top 14 Int'l
Joe Vakacegu Fiji CT 28/10/88 Biarritz Pro D2
Virimi Vakatawa Fiji CT 01/05/92 Racing 92 Top 14 Int'l
Eroni Vasiteri Fiji CT 27/05/89 Provence Pro D2 Int'l
Albert VuliVuli Fiji CT 26/05/85 Vannes Pro D2 Int'l
Jale Vatubua Fiji CT 30/08/91 Pau Top 14 Int'l
Nacani Wakaya Fiji CT 25/06/91 Mont-de-Marsan Pro D2 A
Gordon Yabaki Fiji CT Aurillac Pro D2
Paula Balekana Fiji WG 18/05/93 Zebre Pro14
Setareki Bituniyata Fiji WG 12/08/95 Massy Pro D2 7s
Rico Buliruarua Fiji WG 23/01/97 Toulon Top 14
Sakiusa Bureitakiyaca Fiji WG 02/02/92 Angoulême Pro D2
Adriu Delai Fiji WG 11/06/84 Massy Pro D2 Int'l
Freddy Duguivalu Fiji WG 21/07/97 Perpignan Top 14
Vereniki Goneva Fiji WG 05/04/84 Newcastle Premiership Int'l
Randall Kamea Fiji WG 03/01/87 Colomiers Pro D2 7s
Isimeli Kuruibua Fiji WG 21/04/98 Biarritz Pro D2
Benito Masilevu Fiji WG 07/10/89 Agen Top 14 Int'l
Timoci Matanavou Fiji WG 08/07/84 Mont-de-Marsan Pro D2 7s
Nikola Matawalu Fiji WG 08/03/89 Glasgow Pro14 Int'l
Eto Nabuli Fiji WG 24/08/88 Bordeaux-Bègles Top 14 Int'l
Peceli Nacebe Fiji WG 27/09/95 Brive Pro D2
Nemani Nadolo Australia WG 31/01/88 Montpellier Top 14 Int'l
Timoci Nagusa Fiji WG 14/07/87 Montpellier Top 14 Int'l
Wame Naituvi Fiji WG 18/05/96 Mont-de-Marsan Pro D2
Taqele Naiyaravoro Fiji WG 07/12/91 Northampton Premiership Int'l
Noa Nakaitaci Fiji WG 11/07/90 Lyon Top 14 Int'l
Filipo Nakosi Fiji WG 08/04/92 Toulon Top 14
Napolioni Nalaga Fiji WG 04/07/86 London Irish Championship Int'l
Josaia Raisuqe Fiji WG 22/07/94 Nevers Pro D2 7s
Kamilieni Raivono Fiji WG 13/05/96 Angoulême Pro D2
Alivereti Raka Fiji WG 09/12/94 Clermont Top 14
Iliesa Ratuva Fiji WG 27/06/90 Benetton Pro14
Semesa Rokoduguni Fiji WG 28/08/87 Bath Premiership Int'l
Timilai Rokoduru Fiji WG 21/01/93 Agen Top 14
Vilikisa Salawa Fiji WG 15/10/91 Vannes Pro D2
Eroni Sau Fiji WG 05/02/90 Perpignan Top 14 Int'l
Leka Tagotago Fiji WG 20/12/90 Carcassonne Pro D2
Uwa Tawalo Fiji WG 27/02/92 Biarritz Pro D2
Josua Tuisova Fiji WG 04/02/94 Toulon Top 14 Int'l
Jone Tuva Fiji WG 23/03/96 Lyon Top 14
Eroni Tuwai Fiji WG 12/06/95 Aurillac Pro D2
Venione Voretamaya Fiji WG 22/10/90 Colomiers Pro D2
Watisoni Votu Fiji WG 25/03/85 Pau Top 14 Int'l
Jone Waqaliva Fiji WG 18/06/95 Aurillac Pro D2
Kini Murimurivalu Fiji FB 15/05/89 La Rochelle Top 14 Int'l
Seta Tuicuvu Fiji FB 07/09/95 Clermont Top 14 Int'l
Alivereti Veitokani Fiji FB 02/11/92 London Irish Championship Int'l

Samoa Samoa (58)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Viliamu Afatia Samoa LH 24/05/90 Bordeaux-Bègles Top 14 Int'l
Jordan Lay New Zealand LH 05/11/92 Bristol Premiership Int'l
Aniseko Sio Samoa LH 01/09/92 Nottingham Championship Int'l
Ole Avei Australia HK 13/06/83 Racing 92 Top 14 Int'l
Elia Elia New Zealand HK 22/01/96 Harlequins Premiership Int'l
Seilala Lam Australia HK 18/02/89 Perpignan Top 14 Int'l
Manu Leiataua New Zealand HK 26/12/86 Perpignan Top 14 Int'l
Motu Matu'u New Zealand HK 30/04/87 London Irish Championship Int'l
Paul Alo-Emile Australia TH 22/12/91 Stade Français Top 14 Int'l
Census Johnston New Zealand TH 06/05/81 Racing 92 Top 14 Int'l
James Johnston New Zealand TH 06/03/86 Brive Pro D2 Int'l
James Lay New Zealand TH 16/12/93 Bristol Premiership Int'l
Nephi Leatigaga New Zealand TH 05/12/93 Biarritz Pro D2 Int'l
Logovi'i Mulipola Samoa TH 11/03/87 Newcastle Premiership Int'l
Anthony Perenise New Zealand TH 18/10/82 Bath Premiership Int'l
Hisa Sasagi New Zealand TH 29/06/87 Saracens Premiership Int'l
Eric Sione New Zealand TH 29/10/92 Perpignan Top 14
Matt Talaese New Zealand TH 31/01/89 Doncaster Championship A
Brian Alainu'uese New Zealand LK 19/03/94 Toulon Top 14
Jonny Fa'amatuainu New Zealand LK 29/12/83 Colomiers Pro D2 Int'l
Piula Fa'asalele New Zealand LK 22/01/88 Toulouse Top 14 Int'l
Maselino Paulino Samoa LK 21/06/88 Mont-de-Marsan Pro D2 Int'l
Filo Paulo New Zealand LK 06/11/87 London Irish Championship Int'l
Joe Tekori Samoa LK 17/12/83 Toulouse Top 14 Int'l
Masalosalo Tutaia New Zealand LK 05/06/84 Perpignan Top 14 Int'l
Chris Vui New Zealand LK 11/02/93 Bristol Premiership Int'l
Alafoti Fa'osiliva Samoa FL 28/10/85 Worcester Premiership Int'l
TJ Ioane New Zealand FL 09/05/89 London Irish Championship Int'l
Giovanni Kueffner New Zealand FL 09/01/95 Pau Top 14
Jack Lam Australia FL 18/11/87 Bristol Premiership Int'l
Kelly Meafua New Zealand FL 16/10/90 Béziers Pro D2 7s
Brandon Nansen New Zealand FL 03/11/93 Dragons Pro14 Int'l
Afa Amosa Australia N8 11/10/90 Bordeaux-Bègles Top 14
So'otala Fa'aso'o New Zealand N8 02/10/94 Brive Pro D2
Fritz Lee Samoa N8 29/08/88 Clermont Top 14 7s
Mat Luamanu New Zealand N8 04/03/88 Harlequins Premiership Int'l
Genesis Mamea New Zealand N8 22/09/88 Perpignan Top 14 Int'l
Junior Maninoa New Zealand N8 14/06/86 Montauban Pro D2
Peter Saili New Zealand N8 04/01/88 Pau Top 14
Ofisa Treviranus Samoa N8 31/03/84 London Irish Championship Int'l
Taiasina Tuifua Samoa N8 20/08/84 Grenoble Top 14 Int'l
Vavae Tuilagi Samoa N8 15/06/88 Carcassonne Pro D2 Int'l
Josh Tyrell New Zealand N8 16/10/90 Doncaster Championship Int'l
Auvasa Faleali'i New Zealand SH 09/02/90 Nevers Pro D2 Int'l
Kahn Fotuali'i New Zealand SH 21/05/82 Bath Premiership Int'l
Kieron Fonotia New Zealand CT 02/02/88 Scarlets Pro14 Int'l
Rey Lee-Lo New Zealand CT 28/02/86 Cardiff Blues Pro14 Int'l
Johnny Leota New Zealand CT 21/01/84 Sale Premiership Int'l
Robert Lilomaiava Samoa CT 28/03/92 Montauban Pro D2 Int'l
Tusi Pisi New Zealand CT 18/06/82 Bristol Premiership Int'l
Alofa Alofa Australia WG 12/03/91 Harlequins Premiership Int'l
Ed Fidow New Zealand WG 11/09/93 Provence Pro D2 Int'l
Alapati Leiua Samoa WG 21/09/88 Bristol Premiership Int'l
Tim Nanai-Williams New Zealand WG 12/06/89 Clermont Top 14 Int'l
Ken Pisi New Zealand WG 24/02/89 Northampton Premiership Int'l
Sinoti Sinoti New Zealand WG 09/09/85 Newcastle Premiership Int'l
David Smith Samoa WG 12/10/86 Castres Top 14 7s
Fa'atoina Autagavaia Samoa FB 18/09/88 Nevers Pro D2 Int'l
JJ Taulagi New Zealand FB 18/06/93 Mont-de-Marsan Pro D2 Int'l
Ahsee Tuala New Zealand FB 23/08/89 Northampton Premiership Int'l

French Polynesia Tahiti (1)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
Makalea Foliaki Tahiti WG 24/09/96 Toulon Top 14 7s
Teiva Jacquelain Tahiti WG 22/04/94 Grenoble Top 14 7s

Tonga Tonga (51)
Name Trained Pos. DOB Club League Cap
David Feao Australia LH 10/06/90 Leicester Premiership Int'l
Ziggy Fisi'ihoi Tonga LH 06/08/87 Stade Français Top 14 Int'l
Sona Taumalolo Tonga LH 13/11/81 Provence Pro D2 Int'l
Loni Uhila Tonga LH 07/04/89 Clermont Top 14
Sione Anga'aelangi Australia HK 07/11/88 Biarritz Pro D2 Int'l
Paula Ngauamo New Zealand HK 19/02/90 Agen Top 14 Int'l
Elvis Taione Tonga HK 25/05/83 Exeter Premiership Int'l
Halani Aulika Tonga TH 31/08/83 Grenoble Top 14 Int'l
Paea Fa'anunu New Zealand TH 04/11/88 Castres Top 14 Int'l
Sione Faletau Tonga TH 20/06/88 Bristol Premiership Int'l
Ma'afu Fia New Zealand TH 22/11/89 Ospreys Pro14 Int'l
Siua Halanukonuka New Zealand TH 09/08/86 Glasgow Pro14 Int'l
Leo Halavatau Tonga TH 21/11/83 Angoulême Pro D2 Int'l
Phil Kite Australia TH 24/04/93 Vannes Pro D2 Int'l
David Lolohea Australia TH 26/02/92 Nevers Pro D2 Int'l
Sila Puafisi Tonga TH 15/04/88 La Rochelle Top 14 Int'l
Ben Tameifuna New Zealand TH 30/08/91 Racing 92 Top 14 Int'l
Toma Taufa Tonga TH 09/03/95 Bayonne Pro D2
Leva Fifita Tonga LK 29/07/89 Grenoble Top 14 Int'l
Steve Mafi Australia LK 09/12/89 Castres Top 14 Int'l
Sione Timani Tonga LK 03/09/84 Colomiers Pro D2 Int'l
Sitaleki Timani Tonga LK 19/09/86 Clermont Top 14 Int'l
Joe Tu'ineau New Zealand LK 18/08/81 Béziers Pro D2 Int'l
Dan Faleafa New Zealand FL 13/02/89 Coventry Championship Int'l
Michael Faleafa New Zealand FL 03/02/92 Perpignan Top 14 Int'l
Tanginoa Halaifonua Tonga FL 20/09/96 Massy Pro D2
Onehunga Havili Tonga FL 16/02/96 Exeter Chiefs Premiership Int'l
Latu Maka'afi Tonga FL 17/08/81 Coventry Championship
Valentino Mapapalangi New Zealand FL 18/07/93 Leicester Premiership Int'l
Jack Ram Tonga FL 14/01/87 Coventry Championship Int'l
Lopeti Timani Tonga FL 28/09/90 La Rochelle Top 14 Int'l
Matu Tevi Tonga FL 10/04/95 Zebre Pro14
Opeti Fonua Tonga N8 26/05/86 Agen Top 14 Int'l
Sione Kalamafoni Tonga N8 18/05/88 Leicester Premiership Int'l
Nasi Manu New Zealand N8 15/08/88 Benetton Pro14 Int'l
Sione Vailanu Tonga N8 27/01/95 Saracens Premiership Int'l
Ma'ama Vaipulu New Zealand N8 21/07/89 Castres Top 14 Int'l
Tane Takulua New Zealand SH 11/01/91 Newcastle Premiership Int'l
Kurt Morath New Zealand FH 13/11/84 Doncaster Championship Int'l
Malakai Fekitoa Tonga CT 10/05/92 Toulon Top 14 Int'l
Viliami Hakalo Tonga CT 12/04/87 Saracens Premiership Int'l
Willis Halaholo New Zealand CT 06/07/90 Cardiff Blues Pro14
Apakuki Ma'afu Australia CT 03/10/87 Jersey Championship Int'l
Sione Piukala Tonga CT 06/08/85 Perpignan Top 14 Int'l
Siale Piutau New Zealand CT 13/10/85 Bristol Premiership Int'l
Alaska Taufa Tonga CT 24/07/83 Grenoble Top 14 Int'l
Nafi Tuitavake New Zealand CT 21/01/89 Northampton Premiership Int'l
Frank Halai Tonga WG 06/03/88 Pau Top 14 Int'l
David Halaifonua Tonga WG 05/07/87 Coventry Championship Int'l
Uiki Hu'akau Tonga WG 22/09/96 Aurillac Pro D2
Daniel Kilioni Tonga WG 22/02/93 Grenoble Top 14 Int'l
Vunga Lilo Tonga WG 28/02/83 Montauban Pro D2 Int'l
Afeafe Lokotui Australia WG 28/09/97 Worcester Premiership
Maile Mamao Tonga WG 07/01/96 Bayonne Pro D2
Cooper Vuna New Zealand WG 05/07/87 Bath Premiership Int'l
Telusa Veainu New Zealand FB 26/12/90 Leicester Premiership Int'l

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